Most of our bird hunts take place in La Pampa province and in neighboring Buenos Aires province. Our base of operations is El Carrizal Ranch in southern La Pampa (visit El Carrizal’s strategic central location gives us readily access to the best duck, perdiz, pigeon and dove shooting areas. No other region in the country has the quality mixed bag shooting that La Pampa provides.
In addition to La Pampa we also carry duck/dove/perdiz hunts in the province of Entre Rios very close to the city of Buenos Aires.
All of our lodges offer world-class accommodations, gourmet cuisine and the best Argentinean wines. The lodges are located just a few minutes away from hunting areas deep in the agricultural heartland of the Pampa. Depending on the lodge, we can accommodate groups of up to 12 hunters in single/double bedrooms.
At each of our lodges hunters can expect exceptional hospitality and total commitment to their hunting experience.