Water buffalo

Originaly from the Indian subcontinent, the water buffalo was introduced as livestock in the northern provinces of Argentina. On these marginal lands buffaloes quickly established feral populations that spread over the years to the surrounding marshes and wetlands. It was later introduced in central Argentina (La Pampa) were the thick forests of calden trees provided a perfect habitat for the species. Asian water buffalo is not as aggressive as it’s southern Africa counterpart, but these are massive animals (big males can weigh over a ton) that when cornered or wounded can easily turn against the hunter.

On well populated areas success rate is 100%. Finding high scoring trophy animals, however, requires patience and perseverance as old bulls are very difficult to hunt.

The minimum caliber for water buffalo is the venerable .375 H&H loaded with premium expanding bullets. Lager calibers such as the various .416s, .458, .404, .470 are perfect. Shots are usually under 50 yards so low magnification scopes and/or open sights are the best choices.