Red stag

A close cousin to the North American elk, the European red deer (cervus elaphus) can weigh up to 600 pounds (272 kg) and grow impressive antlers. Red deer antlers are large in proportion to body size and typically exhibit crowning or clustering of tines at the terminus of the main beams.
Generally speaking, a stag with good mass and five or more points per antler is a mature animal. In European tradition, a twelve pointer is a “royal stag”, a fourteen pointer an “imperial stag” and a sixteen pointer a “monarch stag”.

In both of our La Pampa ranches we enjoy a close to 100% success rate. Approaching stags deep in the caldén forests is, even during the rut, quite challenging. However, during the course of a five day hunt, hunters will have numerous shooting opportunities and many end up collecting more than one trophy.

Calibers in the 30-06 class and bullets in the 180-200 grains range are perfect for red deer. Shots in La Pampa can range from as close as 30 yards up to 400.