Estancia El Carrizal

Our main operation is located in La Pampa Province in Northern Patagonia were we own Estancia EL Carrizal and lease several other properties. At El Carrizal hunters will find the best red stags in the country. Water buffalo and a dozen other big game species are also available. There is excellent bird shooting in the area as well and a day or two of high volume dove shooting (or ducks, perdiz and pigeon) can be easily added to any big game hunt.
El Carrizal ranch has more than 10,000 acres free range plus an additional 25,000 acres of neighboring properties. The ranch includes a 3,000 acre high fenced section.
The newly built 8,000 square feet lodge offers world-class accommodations. The lodge has ten bedrooms all with private bathrooms and the possibility of single or double bed arrangements. There are also two spacious suites equipped with jacuzzis. The large dining room and two comfortable lounge areas, each with a gorgeous fireplace, provide plenty of space to relax.

El Carrizal is endowed with an enormous variety of game, a rich hunting heritage and breathtaking landscapes. The ranch is managed by the owners with professionalism and attention to detail. At El Carrizal hunters will find the perfect backdrop for the hunt of a lifetime. And equally important, they´ll find the camaraderie and friendship of true hunters.

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